To AirBNB or To NOT AirBnB… THAT is the question

SO, you are trying to figure out if AirBnb is for you? As a host/guest for AirBnb I can give you a little more incite to this topic. 

After a few beers on date night, B and I decided it’d be funny to sign up our home for rent on AirBnb. We literally had no faith that anyone would want to rent out our home as we live at the very end of our town. So we thought, “Why not?”

I grabbed my camera and tidied up the house half hazardly for pictures to use on the AirBnb APP. 

Signing up for AirBnb is very easy and you can recommend friends and receive benefits. 

After a few clicks and information they require you to fill out we were ready to create our listing!

Before you do anything else go to the calendar! Mark out dates that you do not want your home to be available for rent. You can change these dates at any time!

Don’t be like me! Don’t forget to block dates out. Long story short on that, we ended up going on three vacations with in a month and a half due to my forgetfulness. Though, it was well worth it! Blocking out dates is kind of time consuming but WELL WORTH the five minutes!

After toying with our pricing and length of stay we determined $150/ night with a 3- night minimum stay was the magic number for us. Our home is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home. We have a pool and hot tub, large patio with dining and tv seating. We have a large game room for kids and a theater room. 

You can book your home out for events too. I am trying this opportunity out and have raised my rental rate for that date specifically to $250. If it goes well I’m definitely ok with making money while I take my kids to the park for the afternoon. But that’s just me. 

Getting ready for the AirBnb can be hectic. I clean the whole home inside and out. I take my personal belongings out of my drawers and cabinets that I don’t want people seeing. I keep them in laundry baskets in the master closet and keep it locked. 

Let me tell you its hard to clean a house and keep it that way with 3 small boys but they are learning. This last time I actually enlisted their help. Of course I had to go over it again, but it wasn’t nearly as bad! 

I also purchased separate linens and wash clothes for the guests. AirBnb has a list of things you can do to your home to be a verified listing. We have met some of those requirements but are not that serious. 

Overall, I love hosting. It’s crazy hectic but I love people enjoying our home as much as I do.

As for staying in AirBnb’s, I have stayed in one host home. It was a vacant home, not anyones permanent residence. I enjoyed it and the cost was significantly less for our group than a hotel. Not to mention it had a full kitchen. I definitely can see the perks of vacationing this way!

I hope this helps you! Just remember it’s all about enjoying the experience. If you aren’t loving the way you’re living, try something new! We did and I’m loving it!

Use The link above to get your listing started!!

Have any questions about AirBNB feel free to message me!

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