BJ DOES Central Park

View from a hill looking down at the skating rink in Central Park.

When planning our trip to New York there was really only one thing on my Bucket List, Central Park. I had been to New York previously while in college and B and I popped in for the day while galavanting around the country homeless, but we had yet to make it to the greatest city park in the United States. Neither one of us really knew what to expect upon arrival at the park but what we saw was breath taking and lived up to every expectation! 

View from a side trail adjacent to The Loeb Boathouse Restaurant 

There are several ways to tour Central Park, by foot, rental bike, horse drawn carriage, or pedi cab. Considering I failed to pack any truly great walking shoes, which is a total fail for New York, and since we had already walked half of Manhattan on our way to Central Park, we opted to tour the park by pedi-cab.

BJ ready to hit the trails in Central Park

Our first stop was the Boat house, one of the restaurants that you can dine in at the park. If you are planning the day here at the park make sure to call ahead for reservations. If you’re like BJ and a terrible planner, you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar! There’s ample seating, a large warm fireplace and great views of the lake to enjoy while you wait! They have a small patio out front and wall to wall windows inside the Boat House making every seat in the restaurant the perfect spot to enjoy your meal!

Jay at the Loeb Boathouse

If your in the mood for some pasta and serious Mob Life history, check out The Tavern on the Green. We spoke with a lovely couple while we were at the Trump Tower bar who said the meal was divine and the experience was totally worth the wait! The Tavern has a ton of Mob history supposedly or at least that’s what our pedi-cab driver told us! Check it out!

Once we were done with our dining experience we set out on foot for a brief walk to the lake. Boat rentals are located next to the Boathouse for you  and your lover or friends to enjoy! B and I took in the view from the shoreline where you can see the NYC skyline featuring one of the famous buildings from Ghostbusters and one of the 7 fountains that are located inside Central Park. It was a quiet spot with not much foot traffic. The perfect spot for pictures!

Building from Ghostbusters
Jay and a View of the Lake

Our tour guide of the park was literally a 45 min endless monologue and well worth the $90 we spent. Honestly, I think we got lucky because the first pedi-cab driver we had that took us directly to the restaurant had nothing to say… So if you’re looking in to this experience I’d suggest you ask them to set you up with a knowledgeable driver if possible! It truly made the experience 10x better! 

Fun Facts about Central Park

  • If you walked every trail in the park you would walk 58 miles
  • There are 7 fountains and 125 drinking fountains in Central Park
  • 29 Statues stand erect with in the Park
  • There are 20 official gates in to the park and according to our pedi-driver 61 entrances.
  • Central Park has a zoo
  • Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux were the original creators/architects for the park. Winning first prize in a competition for the parks design.
One of the 29 statues
View of the Park
Jay at the “Alice in Wonderland” Statue

One of the stops on our Park tour took us to John Lennons “Strawberry Fields” monument. It’s a quiet path where you can actually text to listen to Yoko Ono narrate your tour. It’s a very informative narrative about John Lennon, the “Imagine” mosaic and how his lasting influences remain to this day.  You exit this path on to the Main Street adjacent to the Dakota building where John Lennon’s  death took place. The Dakota building is the home he and Yoko Ono resided in and where she still resides to this day.

Jay standing on the Imagine mosaic with in Strawberry fields

As we all know there have been several movies made with in this park and when you are on your tour you will see so many familiar sites. From the “Friends” fountain to the Bethesda Terrace in “Home Alone II”. It could take you several trips to the park before you’d see it all! So, if you’re short on time I’d definitely recommend the pedi-cab tour!

Bethesda Terrace

I hope you enjoy your Central Park experience the next time you’re in New York. I know we did! 


BJ at Central Park

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