BJ Does NYC Night Life

It’s true when they say that New York is “The city that never sleeps” and when B and I set out for our first night on the town with friends that’s pretty much what happened. Not only is there a TON of venues to check out in New York as far as the club and bar scene go, but it’s also EXTREMELY expensive! So make like you’re going to Vegas and save up! Here’s a list of the Venues BJ checked out while we were in the Big Apple! Get ready for great cocktails and great food because that’s exactly what you’ll find at these local NYC spots!

JPEG image-3250F89FAFED-1.jpegPictured above: Jay at The Baccarat. For more info see below!

The Lodge by STK

If you and your party are looking for a full night of fun without ever leaving the building from pre-dinner cocktails all the way through to getting down on the dance floor, STK in THE MEAT PACKING DISTRICT is for you! This upscale club and event center has several floors for entertaining. We started on the rooftop which has great patio seating and  great view to enjoy while you sip! IMG_7388.jpeg

After a few cocktails and conversation with the locals. We sat down to enjoy a few appetizers before hitting the dance floor downstairs! The Lodge vibe is like a cozy cottage you’d find nestled in the mountains. A rustic winter wonderland. Perfect for pictures with your love or friends! Downstairs is a sprawling dining room with plenty of seating and a dance floor adjacent to lounge furniture where you can people watch next to the fireplace. There are several other clubs and bars in this area. So if you are trying to bar hop you can do so without paying an uber! There’s also great shopping for your home in this area making it a great place to hunker down for the day!


Click the link to Check out more about STK

District Taphouse

This pub is very low key nestled in the Garment District and perfect for grabbing a quick cocktail or brew after a long day of shopping in Times Square. The bar spans the entire space and has a smaller bar tucked away in the back. This midtown bar has great vintage vibes, good music and wonderful craft beers on tap! They boast of a locally sourced, guaranteed fresh menu created by Chef Harrison and all the international and domestic craft beers your heart could possibly desire! So kick back in the plush leather booths or snuggle up next to your honey at the bar will enjoying a cold brew from the District Taphouse! You’re welcome!


JPEG image-A25E2442B8D1-1.jpeg

Click here to learn more about the District Taphouse

The Bathtub Gin

When thinking about things to do in New York one of the top things you think of is to see a show! We opted to check out the world famous Wabassco’s Burlesque Performers! They offer shows at The Bathtub Gin every Saturday and Sunday. So, grab brunch and a show, or dinner! You won’t be disappointed!


As we pulled up to what appeared to be a coffee shop, our friend questioned the situation and suggested we double check our destination. I assured him this was in fact the correct spot so we exited the car and stepped inside the “coffee bar”.  When you first walk in you are greeted by the hostess who stands guard of the speakeasy door. She takes our name for potential table openings and we enter. If you are going on the night of any performance, as they offer several, I highly recommend getting a reservation at least a week in advance. But, since we aren’t great at planning we found a seat at the bar and waited patiently for progressively better seats. If you enjoy craft cocktails, great steak, and a classic 40’s lounge vibe, this is the place for you! The bar is decent sized and the booths surround a copper bathtub where the show takes place. You and your friends are sure to have a good time!


We loved this venue so much we decided to check out the 40’s Jazz show they put on the following night. The band was everything you’d expect at a speakeasy. From the sounds to their attire! I highly recommend this place for a variation from the standard New York performances you’d normally find!

JPEG image-3F81CB2358DD-1.jpeg

Click here to learn more about the Bathtub Gin


After touring the Modern Museum of Art, we found ourselves across the street inside the most Elite spot that we had been to thus far in the city, The Baccarat of New York. A friendly gentleman greets you at the front door where you enter in to a dimly lit foray. Lit by a wall of lights and gorgeous chandeliers, this Salon as they call it, brings some of New Yorks top business professionals to wine and dine after a long day at work. Not only is this a luxurious place to grab a cocktail and appetizer for happy hour, but it’s also a TOP RATED hotel for you to stay at while enjoying the city! So, grab your latest Louis Vuitton purse and get ready to pay red bottom shoe prices at this glitz and glamour spot close to the Diamond District! You’ll swoon over this place I promise!


JPEG image-7321EF37D49F-1.jpeg

Click the link to find out more about Baccarat New York


Our final stop took us to a new part of town close to China town and the Lower East Side where we popped in to a club/ bar called Pianos! This two story venue is broken up in to three parts. Upon entering the bar you will find a rustic boho vibe bar with seating at the bar and high top tables/booths. The bar has a great vibe with a random selection of good music to listen to. After enjoying one of their daily happy hour specials, make your way to the back of the bar for an $8 show of varying sorts. This particular night they had a live band followed by dance performers with a lead vocalist. Not in to paying for a show, that’s ok! Mosey on up the stairs for a lounge vibe and enjoy the live entertainment they offer for free up there! If you find yourself checking out this venue, may I recommend the nachos! It’s an 8in cake tin full of chip, cheese, chicken and bean-y goodness that will have you filled to the brim with only room left for their happy hour cocktails!


JPEG image-C91A02805F7E-1.jpeg

Click the link to learn more about upcoming events at Pianos


Whether you’re a local or planning your next trip, I hope this list of MUST SEE Night life venues is helpful for your New York experience. Cheers to your next New York Adventure! I hope you find these amazing venues to be just as wonderful as we did!


IMG_7728 2.jpg


Photo taken at The Trump Bar! Another great local spot to grab a quick refreshment after shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue or Tiffany & Co.

Click the link for more information about dining and more at Trump Tower

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