BJ does….. Denver!


If you know B J you know we always seize the moment, and when B’s parents called him up and offered to keep our baby bops for the weekend we jumped at the chance. As I walked in the garage door from work B looked at me and said; “Portland or Denver?’ Obviously I was initially confused and answered with the question of “Why?” “Kid-free weekend,” he says, “And I’m booking a non-stop flight on Southwest for your birthday!” Next thing I know we are Denver bound and the kids are headed for a fun-filled weekend with their loving Grandparents. 

When booking our trips we always fly Southwest, they are affordable especially with their rewards system and they don’t charge for baggage! I don’t know about you but I love flying. It’s always an adventure. Depending on my mood and if B isn’t sitting next to me, I love chatting with the stranger next to me or catching a few zzz’s. And the airport terminals never leave “the people watcher” in you unsatisfied. B’s always coming up with new ideas to make the airport experience better and he gets so excited when he sees some of his ideas actually come to fruition at the terminals we frequent. If your ever in Houston grab a drink at the Buffalo Wild Wings bar, try their breakfast sandwich and tell the bartender we said “Hey!”, last time we were there she practically had our order ready before we could ask for it. We may be slightly addicted to Buffalo Wild Wings. We are on a never-ending half-hearted quest to lose weight and stay fit. At Buffalo Wild Wings you can eat yummy wings and stay on your diet! Our favorite is the traditional wings with mild sauce and a side of cheese curds (which is where the half-hearted part kicks in).

After a few cocktails and a quick flight we found ourself on the tram heading to the rental car bus terminal at the Denver Airport. I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation I like to lose myself completely. Almost like you’re living another persons life. There’s no better or more affordable way to AMP up your vacation than with the luxury cars at Sixt Rental. B always surprises me with a fun new car to try while on vacation. I’m not a car buff but I like fast cars and shiny wheels. Lets face it, who doesn’t love riding around in a convertible Jaguar F through the mountains or a decked out Mercedes Benz-G wagon when your headed with the fam to Disney? I mean…. Sign me up! They have an impeccable concierge service and ice-cold water waiting for you and their APP allows you to track the bus so you know what your wait time looks like! As the silver Volvo S90 pulled up I stole a kiss from B and thanked him for surprising me with this little get-a-way, he spoils me, always has even though he doesn’t like to take the credit. He tipped the gentleman loading our bag and we were off for our Denver adventure.

Normally when we are Colorado bound, we are headed to the mountains for hiking, white water rafting or our personal favorite, skiing. But, this being a quick weekender we opted to stay close to downtown. The city scape of downtown Denver is beautiful as you approach it and B and I are already masterminding our weekend shenanigans. A quick top 10 google search is our favorite way to determine where to go. We are every Type-A personalities worst nightmare as we can not really set fixed plans to save our lives and are more of a fly by the seat of your pants type. Which, if you ask me is the best way to travel. You don’t limit yourself to random opportunities or interactions with others that you would otherwise have missed out on. Though, I am always thankful when I travel with friends or family who do make set plans as it takes the “thinking” out of it and who is really trying to use their brain whilst on vacation? In fact the only real “planning” we do is how to spend the least amount of money for our plane, hotel, and car rental bookings. This trip we used the Capitol One Adventure credit system to earn money towards our hotel stay at the Hyatt Downtown.

The Hyatt had first class service and discounted our parking for us because we were “such friendly guests”, though we probably just got lucky it never hurts to be nice to the person charging your card. The foyer at the Hyatt is grand and the bar was calling my name. We passed by some beautiful metal sculptures of rock climbers on our way to the elevator, I’m a sucker for the Arts, and sped up to our room, literally, their elevators go so fast your ears almost pop. Pretty much every time we were in the elevator someone commented on this fact. After a hot shower, B was fully restored to life and ready to rumble and as for me I was thriving on the fact that my latest online order from The Boutique had just come in the mail before we left town. I swear every time we go on vacation my online orders randomly pop up in the mail like a damn Christmas miracle. I don’t even coordinate that y’all! So with my new purple lace top and a hot Dad Bod on my arm I was ready to hit the town as well!



First stop the hotel bar to chat with the local bartender to point us in the right direction and get the party started. B and I love to sit at the bar if the opportunity allows because bartenders make for good conversation and are typically full of wit and humor. This bartender pointed us in the direction of some good local restaurants and so after a quick drink we hit the streets. There’s so many places to eat but you’d never know some places were restaurants as they look like



shopping spaces straight out of New York City. But upon further review and a longer look we quickly realized that yes, those in fact were restaurants behind the shiny glass all poshed out with the latest in interior design. We passed by a street lit up with strand lighting and decided it was a must see. There was no lack of places to eat or interesting folks to see. We finally settle upon an upscale dining place by the name of Rioja. It was delicious and the menu was full of flavor. The one thing B and I took away from our dining experiences in Denver was the “Otoshi” that the places we ate at offered. Otoshi is a “chef’s greeting” a little taster of an often times off menu item. If you don’t get one, ask for it, freaking yum.
We then scooted on over to a local bar we passed by on our walk to dinner by the name of Roosevelt ’s. It caught our attention as this is the name of one of our top ten and most frequented restaurants we visit in Tulsa. Let me tell you, the Roosevelt’s in Denver DID NOT disappoint either. Not only was the ambiance the perfect setting for a late night cocktail but the interior design was everything I had hoped for right down to the restroom. I know most people don’t really comment on restrooms in blogs probably but you simply cannot ignore the thought they put in to them! Roosevelt’s was no different, they have book shelves lining the wall and as I was in pursuit to find the restroom I found my self turning in circles until one of the patrons we had befriended at the bar pointed to the third shelf and told me to pull on the books. Wouldn’t you know it, the bathroom was hidden behind the book shelves!


B and I have an affinity for meeting strangers. You never know when you’re going to meet your new best friend or learn something new that your life wouldn’t be complete without knowing. Thanks to our sociable
personality we met some fun locals and they told us about the delicious taco truck down the street and let us in on the latest way to travel around Denver, the Lime Scooters. Which is exactly where our weekend adventure takes us.



On our never-ending quest for tom foolery BJ takes Denver by scooter and let me tell you watching us attempt to locate them was a show in and ofitself. Neither of us is tech-y or much of a navigator, but nevertheless we downloaded the Lime APP and took on the challenge. If your new to the scooter rental world let me give you a few pointers. One, they are located at random and there may not be the number of scooters you need next to each other. But finding them is half the fun so relax enjoy the walk and prepare for a fun ride! Two, test your scooter! I cannot reiterate this enough as

the second scooter
I rode was lacking in the brakes department and I had to drag my foot to avoid collision at the end of our ride. The APP is super user-friendly but my third tip is this, you might see a scooter on the APP but by the time you get to it may be in use. So, don’t get frustrated remember, this is for fun, which is why your on vacation to let loose and have fun!


We checked out the Union Station per our “Top Ten” google search and the locals recommendations. It was definitely beautiful and full of architectural interest, a great place to grab Sunday brunch and do a little souvenir shopping. Bring the kids and be prepared to let them get wet in the water feature out front!

After a quick ride around town we were ready for the real Colorado experience, ya know, nature. B’s old college friend who is a fellow adventure seeker and who we have lovingly deemed Uncle Del to our kids, tipped us off on a neat local Catholic Shrinethat’s the perfect spot for nature lovers and sight seekers alike.  Saint Cabrini’s was a short drive out-of-town nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Founded by Frances X, the shrine is famous for the steps that lead you up the foothill while following the “Journey of Christ” to the cross that leads to the top. Once there you will find the “sacred heart of stones” which was placed there by the nuns of Saint Cabrini as a symbol of God’s love for all. Honestly, the best part for me was listening to the bell chimes echoing throughout the hills from the church below. It’s very serene and warms the spirit with in you. I also recommend touring the chapel and kneeling before the cross. Don’t forget to look up and take in the real glory shining through the stain glass wedged between the patterned wood beams that forms a cross. It’s a beauty to behold and as a lover of all things wood, I could have died and gone to heaven right there.

After we grabbed B’s mom, a die-hard catholic, some souvenirs from the gift shop we headed down the highway for the nearest trails to get some more fresh Colorado air. There are trails galore in Colorado and you could take your pick of the litter. But we decided upon the “Lair O’ the Bear Park” because I have lovingly deemed B the “Angry Bear” when he needs to hibernate from lack of sleep. You can follow the trail along the creek bed or bring a trail bike and follow another path that leads along the highway. The creek is cold, calming and refreshing to dip your toes in, unless your B. B hates cold water, like will not go in it to save his life. We enjoyed a short hike along the creek towards the hidden castle that you can walk to if your willing to hike a ways out. But due to time restrictions we just relaxed by the creek side and I took a dip in the water. On our hike back to the car we saw a warning sign that deemed “Lair O’ the Bear” one of the top trails for losing hikers and death. Not gonna lie I am A. Glad we failed to notice that initially and B. Glad we opted for a different route.

Once we arrived back at the hotel we were pretty topped off so a quick nap for rejuvenation, a shower and BJ’s back baby. Like any good BJ trip after dinner at the freshest sushi house I’ve ever eaten at, Sushi Sasa and a quick Google search of local Strip Clubs we hit up La Bohéme Gentlemans Cabaret.


Yes, I know what you are thinking, BJ does the strip club? How dare they, ugh! I know it’s not everyone’s top choice of things to do but B and I have a long-lasting 12 year tradition to go to the local Dance clubs, you’d
be surprised how different they are depending on the region. Not to mention we’ve had some of the BEST food at them. La Bohéme was definitely a must see. The girls were beautiful, talented and not pushy, the music was great and the atmosphere was top-notch. For a Sunday night you couldn’t have asked for a better selection and crowd. Furthermore, if I’m being honest the gentlemen viewers at the club were pretty easy on the eyes too. Again, if you are a “people watcher” dance clubs should be a definite MUST for you. This particular night there was an adorable blonde patron literally having the time of her life sitting by the center stage burying her face and slinging the dollars. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning receiving a bundle of surprises. B and I were literally dying watching her. A couple of dollars and hours later we called it quits since we had to board the plane early the next day but our night on the town was exactly what the doctor ordered!

Denver has always been good to us and this visit was no different. You could visit the city a million times and see something new on each encounter. There is something for everyone there in Denver and you will not be disappointed in your stay. Remember to relax, enjoy the moments and go with the flow. You’re on vacation after all! B and I hope this blog finds you well and happy. We wouldn’t wish it any other way.


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